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Friday, January 23, 2015

What Not Say To An Avid Relayer....ever.

How can you do all of that?  You don't even get paid!
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No, we don't get paid.  It's called volunteering.  We get paid by the good feeling we get from helping other people.

Don't you have enough Relay shirts?
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Um, no.  We think of it  like this.  We have to wear clothes, might as well put something on that helps our cause.

Oh my gosh I could never stay up all night!
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Oh!  You do Relay?  You should totally sign up for Komen with me!
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Good for you!  I don't have the time or money for stuff like that.
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Just take a step away from the Trivia Crack, mmmmmm kay?  We make the time, because we believe in what we do.  And, on that whole money thing... I've seen broke college students do Relay, so.....

Don't you get tired of begging people for money all of the time?
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Most of the money you raise just goes to pay CEO's anyway.
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I'm just gonna leave this right here.....

Relay again?  Don't you ever think of anything else?
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But I gave to you last year!
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Newsflash- we still have a LOT more work to do to cure cancer.

And last but not least, this one goes out to my buddy Grant- this ACTUALLY happened last night.
When someone puts a dollar bill in a donation jar, only to pull it out when they realize it doesn't go to one specific person.
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because apparently curing cancer is not enough of a cause?

One things for sure- we are NOT sorry for curing cancer.  We believe in our mission, and know our work is saving lives.  Now, can I interest you in a new Relay shirt?
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