Saturday, March 1, 2014

Relay For Life Fundraising and Event Calendar

Does your Relay have a lot of events going on this time of year?  Like, so many you can't seem to keep track of what team is doing what on which day and you missed out on an awesome fundraiser, because your phone calendar can only hold so many dots?  Can you tell I have had some personal experience here?  Check out this great idea from my friend Sarah of The Little Things in Life, and how we implemented it at our local event!

Sarah made this cute little postcard to send out to all of her survivors, post locally, and give out at team captain meetings.  It has important information on upcoming events on it in calendar form!

Sarah is the event chair for Relay For Life of Washita County, which is the next event area over from our event, so we talk Relay on a pretty regular basis.  When I saw this, I knew we should do it for our event to!  Especially because we have a fairly large Relay, and there are a lot of things that go on here in March and April fundraising wise!  So, this is what I came up with.  It is great for posting on your Relay facebook page, instagram, twitter- you name it!  You can even add it to your event website (you can see mine here)

Now of course, I want to share my template with you in case you want to do the same thing!  Just right click and save the image below :)

In case you are curious, I do all of my editing in Adobe Photoshop, however Sarah does hers in an online program called in case you don't have Photo Shop- it is a free service!

Happy Relay season everyone!