Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The last time I redecorated Wesley's room was when he was young enough that I could pick the theme- Toy Story, of course.  It was kind of a mish mosh of all things Disney though- perfect for my little Disney crazy toddler.

It all started with something simple enough- I got the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog.  I was showing Wes the backpacks (since we had to order one for school), and low and behold, he sees... the Star Wars bedding collection.  "I WANT that!" he exclaimed- "My room is a baby room- I want a big boy room like that!"

He had a point- so I told him I would save up some money so we could do it around Christmas.  Little did he know, I had a scheme to surprise him with a room makeover.  I called Chaddy and he was on board!  So, while Wes was with his dad over the weekend, Chad and I went to work!

Here are the before pictures :) 

After two weeks of ordering some amazing stuff for his room online (and hiding it as it came in) it was all coming together!

I was really nervous about putting glass over Wesley's bed, so I mounted his Darth Vader poster (left) to the cardboard that came with his frame with spray adhesive.  I should also note that it was pretty much impossible to find a frame that would fit the poster, so I bought a smaller size and trimmed it down.  Then I framed a Star Wars Typography made specifically to match his new room decor.  We topped off the look of the print by using a set of curtain hooks to mount a lightsaber above it.  We also added and extra shelf above his bed to hold his extra Mickey hats!

The bedding was one of the most expensive investments in our project, but I love how it pulls the room together! 

 Of course, every little Jedi needs a cool place to hide stuff (lunch box from Hobby Lobby), and a big kid alarm clock.  That little guy is really cool- you push his head down to turn him off!  Now, that little Death Star looking thing on the right is the Star Theater Pro by Uncle Milton.  It actually projects rotating stars and planets into Wesley's ceiling at night time, and let me tell you - it is amazing and well worth the money!  I was worried when I ordered it, because the reviews on the different varieties of these things look scary on Amazon- but I took a chance and went the best model- and I am so glad I did! 

We painted Wesley's natural wood colored Lego table black to make it cohesive with the rest of the room.  I don't know what it is with me and black furniture, but it is my favorite way to make something old look new and modern!  I had made those awesome little Lego guy shelves a few weeks before (don't worry- I'll tell you how to do it this weekend!), and it really brought the little space together.   Then of course, I had to create something new for his table... so here is what happens when I play Legos (no kit required kids!)

Speaking of Legos- Chad had an amazing idea to hang Lego Star Wars ships and planets from the ceiling with fishing string.  So, after an impromptu trip to The Lego Store, Chad was happily building Legos in the dining room.  Just a little tip for those of you guys that have kids that pull apart the creations you spend hours building- SUPER GLUE.  My husband is a genius!  It makes the bigger sets more durable for rough play!

Next up is this awesome custom Jedi Knight vinyl I found on Etsy.  I had it made in silver, and put it on his headboard- it really pops!  I also have to say- being somewhat of a vinyl addict, this was a GREAT high quality vinyl and design.  It went on smooth, and has not budged (it you have ever made the mistake of buying one of these from Hobby Lobby- you know how important stickability is!) The best part is- the shop had awesome prices, and shipped this to me super fast!

Last but not least- the dresser area....
We completely recovered his dresser with Star Wars paper- don't worry- I'll blog about how to make one soon! 

We topped that area off with a R2D2 print by The Daily Robot on Etsy.  This print knocked my socks off!  It shows the hypothetical inner workings of R2- but if you ask me, they look pretty accurate!  The seller was also super friendly about getting me the print in time for my project, and his shop is full of other amazing work as well!

If you are wondering- Wesley's reaction the the surprise was like nothing we had ever seen before!  We love surprises around here- and the last time we surprised him with a trip to Disney, his response was, "Ok, let's go." but THIS brought on screaming, jumping, hugging, "I can't believe it's!" and, "I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!"  Now THAT makes it all worth it!